Altria Stops Selling Flavoured Vaping Liquid As FDA Weighs Ban

Altria Stops Selling Flavoured Vaping Liquid as FDA Weighs Ban

Altria Stops Selling Flavoured Vaping Liquid As FDA Weighs Ban

Altria Group, the maker of Tobacco has taken a pledge of Thursday. They intend to stop selling the certain product of vaping till the FDA sign off on all those items. The move has come through after the Food and Drug Administration recently said that they were weighing a ban on come flavored e-cigarettes. This decision came in the midst of rising concerns related to teenagers’ vaping. The parent company of Phillip Morris USA, who is also the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, Altria is halting their sale of multiple items. The items are pod-based products of MarkTen Elite, Apex by MarkTen pod-based products. The items even include all kinds of flavored variants of MarkTen and Green Smoke products similar to cigarettes except the variants of tobacco, menthol and mint.

The Commissioner of FDA, Scott Gottlieb met with Altria recently to discuss the possible actions, which they can take. The agency has even pressed upon the fact that vaping companies should roll out measures so as to prevent teenagers from vaping and also to put a stop in marketing the products to young people. The Food and Drug Administration has also faced pressure from the health groups. The health groups filed a case against the agency for allowing products related to vaping from hitting the market without getting the approval.

There is in excess of 2 million teens of middle school, high school and college teens. They use devices that are powered by batteries to heat up liquid nicotine into a vapor that can be inhaled. The 2017 National Youth Tobacco Survey was released in the month of June this year. As per the survey, almost close to 12 percent of high school students were involved in vaping during the past one month. The professionals in the medical field suggest that vaping can lead not only to addiction to nicotine but also on the usage of tobacco.

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