Google Seems To Expand Their Presence in New York As Well

As per the report from the Wall Street Journal, Google is looking to expand their presence in the New York City. WSJ said that the company is coming close to a deal for having a space in the West Village, which would ensure space for 12,000 new employees. Google already has quite a large and ever-expanding presence in New York but the new place would be able to accommodate around 20000 workers. This will be almost double their workforce in the city. The company is also on the lookout to expand their property at Chelsea Market, which it had confirmed about purchasing for an amount of $2.4 billion earlier in the year. They wish to expand it by around 300,000 square feet. A spokesperson from Google said that the expansion of Pier 57 shall include a winter garden, a public water taxi landing, and community space.

As per what the Wall Street Journal noted, the reported expansion of Google and the space for 20,000 employees is somewhat in a narrow manner, overshadowed by the projection of 25000 jobs by the new campus of Amazon in Long Island City. Now, following up a long and at times a kind of a theatrical bid to seek the favor of Amazon by cities on a nationwide basis, negotiations for their Queens borough campus are coming to a close. This is a revelation, which is already stirring up a lot of backlash to the potential impact, which it can cause to the community like growth crisis and exacerbated gentrification.

The show off for winning the affection of Jeff Bezos has turned out to be so absurd that Andrew Cuomo, the Governor on Monday said that he was doing everything possible to seal the deal. He even went ahead to an extent where he said that he would even change his name if required. He would not mind changing his name to Amazon Cuomo if that is what will be required for the deal to go ahead. According to the Governor, the deal will be a great boost for the economy.

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