Leak from EEC database Adds Fuel to the Apple Event Speculations

Leak from EEC Database Adds Fuel to the Apple Event Speculations

Leak from EEC database Adds Fuel to the Apple Event Speculations

Those who follow Apple with interest are waiting for the October 30 event at New York in eager anticipation. Speculation and rumors about the products to be unveiled on the day have used up a lot of space in online and print media. Now, a leak from the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database accessed by the portal mysmartprice and the French blog Consomac have just added more stuff into the rumor-mills. The EEC is a regulatory body for the region, where Apple registered the new products before releasing them in the coming weeks. The leak adds some clarity to the speculations, though many details are still shrouded in mystery, as the filings contain only model numbers; no detail about features are available.

Based on the model numbers that are entirely new, it is assumed that at least three new Mac models are expected to be unveiled on the 30th. These could possibly be upgrades of iMacs and the Mac Mini. There is some logic in the speculation here, as the iMacs have not been updated since June 2017. The Mac Mini, last updated in 2014, is hoped to upgrade to a Pro version, with more storage, more RAM and a more powerful processor (possibly an Intel 8the generation chip). Mini, at the moment Apple’s most inexpensive desktop, may come with a higher price tag than it has now, ranging from $499 to $999.

The other interesting speculation is about the new ‘low-cost’ MacBook with a 13-inch Retina screen supporting touch. It will have a new Intel processor and possibly more RAM and internal storage. Analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the pricing will be attractive; it could even be cheaper than the current MacBook Air. There is also talk about the debut of an updated version of the 12-inch MacBook.  There will be two iPad Pro models, powered by A12X chipsets, with Face ID support. The focus of the Apple event related speculations has shifted to Macs this week, prompted by EEC database leak.

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