Mars May Have Enough Oxygen to Support Life, Says Study

Mars May Have Enough Oxygen to Support Life, Says Study

Scientists have been hell-bent on finding whether the Martian world would be capable of hosting life for an immensely long period of time. The lack of oxygen is considered one of the major reasons why Mars is said to be incapable of supporting life. A recently published study is actually challenging this convention, hinting that Mars may contain sufficient amount of oxygen to support life. The study was focusing on the presence of salty water on Mars, saying that it can be a sign for potential life. This salty water is placed under the main surface of Mars.

“This fully revolutionizes our understanding of the potential for life on Mars, today and in the past. We discovered that brines on Mars can contain enough oxygen for microbes to breathe,” said Vlada Stamenkovic — the lead author of the study and a theoretical physicist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, US. According to the study, the amount of oxygen present in the salty water would be sufficient to power the life of microbes in the planet. It also makes an assumption that some multicellular animals like sponge would be able to survive on Mars with the amount of oxygen in the brines.

This finding is so important, because of the fact that scientists were thinking that microbial life would not be possible on the Red Planet, by analysing the amount of Oxygen on the atmosphere. With 0.14% of oxygen in the atmosphere, it would not have happened. It needs to be noted that the Earth’s atmosphere has a 21% percentage of oxygen in the air being breathed. This study had taken inputs from various explorations, one by the Curiosity Rover in particular. It found that Martian surface consists of chemicals that could not be made without the presence of oxygen.

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