Microsoft Warns That There Is an Expensive Problem for Windows 10

The problems related to Windows 10 are growing day by day. In spite of the introduction of new monthly charges, the number of high profile incidents is off the charts. Now Microsoft has warned of another serious problem. The activation servers of Microsoft have begun to accidentally downgrade expensive Windows 10 Pro systems into Windows 10 Home PCs, which are cheaper. Then the organization will make the licenses invalid. It is needless to say that, this is quite a nasty hit suffered financially. Where Home is priced at $119, the price of Pro is $199. Hence, all those users who have been affected are absolutely furious.

One affected user went to Twitter and expressed disappointment. The tweet mentioned that the user, after updating to Insider Build 18277, his Windows 10 digital license turned invalid. He said that neither any hardware change took place nor anything else was changed but still the license turned invalid. Another individual tweeted that one Lenovo Yoga, which is only three years old, decided to throw Windows activation error of oxCoo4Coo3. The diagnostic tool of Windows says that the machine has a license for Windows 10 Home. In reality, it is not just that those who upgrade are getting affected. Problems related to automated Windows 10 Home downgrades are even reported with absolutely fresh installations on different versions of Windows Pro as well. Another user on Reddit explained that similar issue has cropped up on Dell computers, which are running Windows 10 Pro 1803 that the user bought. The user said that he needs to deploy to clients but unfortunately they will not activate.

The response from Microsoft has not been great. On their official answers page, Microsoft warns there is an issue temporarily affecting their activation server but has not revealed any other details. All those users, who call up the call centers of Microsoft, they respond by saying that everyone needs to wait for things to get fixed. There remains quite a serious bone of contention with a number of users that Windows 10 has taken up far greater control over all their computers. Hence, they make all these types of incidents tough to avoid.

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