The Wheelchair and Doctoral Thesis of Stephen Hawking Sell In Auction

A selection of work to go with the belongings of the late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars per item during the recent of Christie. The items that were sold include Hawking’s motorized leather wheelchair and also a copy of this doctoral thesis named ‘Properties of Expanding Universes’. One of the five copies of this thesis got sold for 296,750 and 584,750 pounds respectively. The items were part of the Christie’s auction named ‘On the Shoulders of Giant’. It went on from 31st October to 8th November. It included documents, which were handwritten from eminent personalities like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and also Albert Einstein. The items in the auction also included one copy of his book known as ‘A Brief History of Time’. It was signed with his thumbprint that got sold for 68,750 pounds. Apart from this, the collection even included his bomber jacket of Alpha Industries sold for 40,000 pounds. There was also a collection of medals and awards, which got sold for 296, 750 pounds.

To add to all the personal documents and collections of Hawking, there was also an original production script for the final appearance of Stephen Hawking on The Simpsons. There, he was portrayed as a disco jockey having gold chains and a Kangol hat. The script was sold for 6250 pounds. An invitation to Hawking’s famous Reception for Time Travellers fetched 11,250 pounds. The head of the Books and Manuscripts department at Christie’s in London, Thomas Venning stressed the fact that Stephen Hawking was a very big personality all over the world.

The Red Chair of Hawking was among the earliest wheelchairs he used after he got diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. It was sold for almost twenty times the amount that was originally expected to get collected at the auction. The sale of this wheelchair will provide benefit for the Stephen Hawking Foundation and the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Lucy Hawking, daughter of the eminent physicist said that the auction was a chance for Stephen Hawking’s admirers to get hold of a memento of her father’s outstanding life in the form of a small set of evocative as well as fascinating items.

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