This Is the Best Time When People Can Burn Most Of Their Calories

Researchers have found out that people tend to burn 10 percent more calories during the late afternoon and early evening. That was the time when they put the small group of seven people through an absolutely grueling regimen. They lived right inside a special laboratory and carried no clues related to what time, it was outside. Hence, they used to shift their bedtime every night by four hours. This used to knock the body’s internal clock out of sync, so researchers could uncover this daily cycle of resting their metabolism. Participants were assigned specific times to go to bed and wake up. Every night, when times got adjusted after four hours, it was equal to traveling on the western side across four time zones on each day for three weeks.

The researchers said that this particular information can be extremely helpful to determine why exactly the schedules with work in shifts tend to lead towards weight gain or develop irregular habits in eating and sleeping. They have even said that the findings also go on to reinforce the important role that circadian clock plays in governing metabolism. The surprising thing for a member of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School the person was the fact that undertaking an activity at one particular time of the day managed to burn so much more calories than when the same activity is done at a different time of the day. She said that as people were doing activities equal to that of circling the globe every week, the internal body clock of theirs was unable to keep up and hence it managed to oscillate at its own pace.

Co-author of the study, Jeanne Duff said that the study showed it was not only what people ate but when they had it and rested, went on to impact exactly how much energy they burned or stored in their bodies as fat. She even said that regularity of habits like eating and sleeping is extremely important for maintaining the overall health. Now the researchers will look exactly how appetite and the response of the body towards food tend to vary with the time of day.

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